Automattic Video Game

I dreamt I was in some kind of VR video game, maybe kind of like in the movie Ready Player One? I was fighting with some of my Automattic colleagues; in particular, I fought against Daryl. My weapon: a tiny Christmas Tree which was also a sword. Other Automattic colleagues showed up and were not pleased at my transgressions, and also wanted to fight me. Since I was outnumbered, I decided to run away. However, our CFO, Stu, tackled me. I somehow managed to slip out of his grasp and climb over a fence, and escape.

2 thoughts on “Automattic Video Game

  1. I am terrible at video games, so you would surely have destroyed me, unless I had the chance to try out my exaggerated French accent on you, which would incapacitate you (in the past I seem to recall its rendering you prone under a table with laughter) and give me a sliver of a chance.


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