I Was On A Rocket

I was in a big military base with a Richard Branson-like person (rich, long blond hair, eccentric ideas). He took me and my two boys into his rocket, which was shaped kind of like a lampshade. We launched, and he told me to put on an oxygen mask. Because of my glasses and the mask over my face, I had trouble seeing outside properly, but I did see some stars, and the International Space Station. However, the ISS was “pointing the wrong way”, so we couldn’t dock with it and had to come back down to Earth. At this point, the lampshade rocket stopped being a solid vehicle; all of us on the ship had to hold a piece of it in place around us. Fake Richard Branson held the cone of the ship over his head like a hat (by this time the rocket had become super-small, just big enough for the 4 of us). We landed but got ready for takeoff again immediately, because we had some urgent mission on the ISS to complete.

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